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October 7th, 2005

danithesurvivor @ 01:11 am: Adam and Danielle
Taking a deep breath, Danielle tightens her hoodie around her shoulders. The October air is incredibly chilly, and her mom begged her three times not to leave the house, but she knew she had to see Adam. She didn't even tell him she was coming home. And now she stands on his doorstep, finger poised on the bell, hair whipping in the wind. Biting her lip anxiously, she rings the bell and waits.

Adam, who happens to be home alone for some odd reason, hears the bell and groans. "This is too good a Simpsons episode to be interrupted." Nevertheless, he gets up and goes to the door. Opening it, his jaw drops.
I can think of other things...Collapse )

September 22nd, 2005

tiffany_k @ 03:07 pm: Tiffany and Mike
::After calling Mike last night to invite him over Friday evening, Tiffany sits waiting in her kitchen for him to ring the doorbell. She prepared some snacks and turned the jets on in the hot tub, but she really didn't think that eating and hot-tubbing were going to be the main events of the evening. At least, she hoped they weren't.::

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September 8th, 2005

sunny_daydream @ 07:57 am: Sunny talk to Sharon
Sunny comes home from school and tries to start her homework. She can’t keep her mind on the numbers and decides to give up trying and go watch a movie. That’s where she is when Richard comes home. He says hi to Sunny a goes into his bedroom to put his work items away. A few minutes later, Sharon comes in and greets Sunny, and goes into the kitchen to get dinner started. Sunny feels even more nervous, but doesn’t know why – after all, Sharon has been like a mother to Sunny since she’s been in Stoneybrook. Finally, Sunny decides to get it over with. She heads to the kitchen.
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August 27th, 2005

sunny_daydream @ 12:32 pm: Stacey and Sunny do college
Sunny sits waiting inside Dawn's house, waiting for Stacey to pick her up and go to Stoneybrook U to check out the campus and buy books. For some reason she feels even more nervous than she did her first semester of college, last year in California. Her schedule is in front of her, along with her list of books to buy, and she's ready to go.

August 24th, 2005

shopping_stace @ 12:06 pm: A Visit Between Stacey and Charlotte
ooc: Carey, I hope this is okay...we've talked about it so many times I figured just go for it!

Stacey reads over Charlotte’s response to her entry on the boards several times before deciding to just go over to the Johanssen’s house and see if her “almost-sister” is home. It’s been months since I’ve seen her. I wonder how she’s changed. Even she’s probably too cool for me now.

She sits in her car in the driveway for a few moments and takes a deep breath before walking up to the door. Pressing the doorbell, she hears Carrot barking wildly from inside. The sound makes her smile as she waits for someone to answer the door.

August 21st, 2005

krusher_kristy @ 03:26 pm: Sunny and Kristy
Kristy paces back and forth in the living room, anxiously awaiting Sunny's arrival. I haven't seen Sunny in so long. I wonder what she will think of me. Or what I will think of her. She gets herself all worked up and is just about to start another lap around the downstairs of the house, when she hears the doorbell ring. "I'll get it!" she calls out, then remembers no one else is home, quiets down, and opens the door.

August 16th, 2005

haleybraddock_ @ 03:47 pm: Action Thread: Haley and Jordan
Haley was bouncing around her house excitedly, and her mom and dad had already yelled at her twice to calm down. Matt was in his room, reading a book, and it was probably lucky he couldn't hear all the commotion right now, as Haley's voice was giving her parents a migraine, or so they had said. Jordan had just called her and she was waiting for him to come by, and then they were going to hang out. She had no idea what they were going to do, but Haley was still excited. She hadn't heard from him since their little kiss, and she had thought he hated her. But now he had called her, and she had dressed in her tightest jeans, and a cute little bandana tube top. After her dad had yelled at her for the fifth time, she had finally decided to go sit on the steps outside her house, and try and look casual by reading her new Cosmo Girl Magazine, while she waited for Jordan.

August 12th, 2005

dawn_schafer @ 05:17 pm: In Front of Cabbages and Kings
*It is an unseasonably warm, sunny day when Dawn sets up shop in front of her favorite local eating establishment. In her hand are several hundred fliers informing the reader of the plight of Stoneybrook's oldest vegetarian (vegan-friendly) health restaurant. "It will close without the support and patronage of Stoneybrookites!" the flier closes, in bold, point-48 font.*

*Dawn begins handing out the paper (on 100% recycled stock, of course) to passerby, who tend to take them without even glancing at the contents and tossing them directly into a nearby trashcan. A few seem mildly interested, though, so Dawn feels optimistic. She will win the Fight to Save Cabbages and Kings.*

((Anyone interested is free to join in.))

August 10th, 2005

tiffany_k @ 12:52 am: Tiffany Downtown
::Tiffany is hella bored, so she decides to walk around downtown and do some shopping. She's passing by the movie theater when she sees some familiar looking people...::

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